Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I Have to say this palette is  really Elegant and Beautiful! It has great colors that anyone can plug right into your everyday makeup bag!

I think this is one of those Classic makeup pieces that stays special because of all the excitement around it!

On Sunday I couldn't find one anywhere ,I thought I might have more luck finding a Unicorn!!!

I did however find not just 1 but 2 of them, So check on my YouTube Channel I will be giving away 1 Urban Decay Naked Palette!

It has Beautiful Packaging and besides having a Little Bottle of Primer Potion ,a double ended Eyeliner in Black (Zero) and  Brown (Whiskey), and 12 Gorgeous Colors!

You get all that for $44.00 US

Urban Decay               Similar
Naked Palette               MAC Colors

 1  Virgin                    Naked Lunch
 2  Sin                         Gleam
 3 Naked                    Saddle
 4  Sidecar                  Patina
 5  Buck                     Cork or Sable
 6  HalfBaked            Amber Lights
 7  Smog                     Romp or Tempting
 8  DarkHorse            Mulch
 9  Toasted                 All that Glitters
10  Hustle                   Sketch
11  Creep                   BlackTied
12  Gunmetal             Knight Divine

and as much as this pains me to say the very popular 88 Warm Palette has all of these colors and then some

These eyeshadows are very velety and rich with color I hope you enjoy these pictures!


  1. It's super generous of you to think of doing a giveaway!

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    So I worked on a call in basis as a nurses aide. Which meant I called in and gave avail hours weekly to the woman who did the time sheet. If she could use me then she put me on. The prob was she kept messing it up and I worked another job as a home care aide.
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    LOL so that is my dramatic leaving a job story.
    Thanks for the chance for an awesome product!
    aka-ultimatecruegirl (on you tube)

  3. gorgeous colors! i'm waiting for urban decay to have a 30% off friends and family sale again before i get my hands on this palette!

  4. I Love it! Way to stick up for yourself! lol

  5. Camille, I don't know how I missed being subscribed to your blog, but I am so glad that I found this. You just truly have amazing videos, so I am looking forward to checking out this blog. I remember thinking what an amazing husband you have, when he did the video to let us know that you were in the hospital-most husbands wouldn't do that - he sounds awesome. Also, I LOVE the picture with the swatches of the Naked creative with the liners underneath, not just your run of the mill swatches. You always make things so much more interesting!! Keep up the great work!!!

  6. Omg gorgeous colors and great swatches Camille!! I wish Urban Decay was available here in Greece! :( we have sephoras here, but they don't carry urban decay argh!!!!


  7. yes i agree love it this would have been well worth the trip lol ur blog is awesome !!!!

  8. I told my story on you tube but your blog is awesome! I love how real and unpretentious you are. Take care!

  9. Oh gosh this palette. The colors are so gorgeous. The color payoff is to die for. We don´t have UD in Brazil, so I ordered mine from an importer (for $97, hello import taxes) and I can´t wait to put my hands on it!

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