Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nineveh Makeup Ministries

I am honored to announce that the beautiful Debbie DeMarco "AKA" MUAinTheMaking on YouTube. creator of Nineveh Makeup Ministries

has interviewed me for her Website!
  I'm so happy to know Debbie she is a really talented makeup artist and blogger and just a sweet person. If you check out her website you are guaranteed to love her just like me and everyone who comes in contact with this enchanting woman! 
   Debbie DeMarco has done interviews with Celebrity Makeup Artist like Mario Dedivanovic,best known for being the Kardashian's Makeup Artist, the Amazing Debra Macki who's list of famous clients includes Lady Gaga, Ramy Gafni who has done beautiful work on Rhinna  and many more!

Exclusive Interview with Kandee Johnson her YouTube link is below

These interviews are about Makeup Artist and Makeup companies who give back, people who make a difference and bring more to the makeup industry than just products! It highlights the humble beginnings of Makeup Artists, this website is a must see for any aspiring artist! The website is uplifting for anybody not just people interested in makeup artists it will inspire action and determination and show everybody that dreams can come true!

Whiter Teeth at Home

How to get Whiter Brighter teeth in two weeks for under $5
You don't have to wear white strips for a half an hour a day for two weeks!

All you need to do is get Baking Soda and Water.
Mix the Baking Soda and Water  together making a paste like consistency. 
Next dip your toothbrush in the mixture and brush your teeth as normal!
The bubbles from the Baking Soda & Water will gently remove the stains from your teeth in about two weeks time! Some may notice a difference in just one or two brushings! 

The second method I did was a dipping my toothbrush in Peroxide!
This also brightens and whitens your teeth and you can get it for such a low cost!
Peroxide is used in almost all teeth whitening products.

Baking Soda and Peroxide are approved by the ADA (American Dental Assoc.) as being safe for the use in oral and dental care.

Which ever method you choose it takes about two weeks for maximum results and it should be done every other day or twice a week!
 For more at home whitening consult your dentist
If you experience irritation,  discontinue use, and speak to your dentist!
Any drugstore whitening products should be approved by the ADA (American Dental Association)

These whitening tips come from my Mom she would have me use Baking Soda as a kid when we ran out of toothpaste<3  

Let me know in two weeks what you think if it's working!