Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Daughter has started a YouTube Channel


My daughter has been driving me crazy for the entire summer she has been asking me to start a YouTube channel for her!
I have said "No" nearly a thousand times. The asking became auditioning,then she started coming up with names for a channel and she reviewed a few of her dolls one night when we were playing to show me what she wanted to do in her videos! She is really passionate about doing this.
She wants to review toys!

I really started to think about it.There are so many things to worry about. Right? 
My husband and I have been so up and down with this!
I started to think about all the weird things that happened to me being on YouTube.

Then I realized that I have received so much LOVE from my YouTube Family that we just knew she would be okay!  So I let her make a video tonight, and I am so proud of her! She is really good, and I am not just saying that! 
Mia asked her Dad tonight, "Daddy do you think Mommy's friends will watch my video?" 

She is so super excited and I hope you guys check her out she would love that! 
Please subscribe to to show support for the person who means the most to me! She has her own website also

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Homemade Makeup Remover & Face Wash

The makeup remover and face wash I have been using for the last few months is almost unbelievable!
They are simple natural products no animal testing, no harsh ingredients.  
It was always right under my nose and these products I've been using are probably right under your's too!

Okay enough of the run around, What is it already?

For my makeup remover I use Olive Oil.
Olive oil doesn't just remove your makeup it will break down long lasting and waterproof makeup, it will also soften your skin.
I put a small amount in a mini spray bottle.
 I spray it on a piece of  tissue or cotton ball.
Then watch your makeup melt off.

Now you maybe saying "there is no way I am putting olive oil on my face"
I completely understand that because I was the same way before I found out that Olive Oil's molecules are to large to be absorbed in to our pores! 
*Olive oil has added benefits in nourishing the skin
It contains lots of antioxidants like VitaminE and VitaminK
If you go back and watch my video Why do we get dark circles?, I mention that VitaminK is key in lessening the appearance of dark circles.
*It also has Squalene which is in a lot of moisturizers, besides also being present in our own bodies and in all plant and animal life.

After I remove my makeup with the olive oil my face feels slick and oily, but completely clear of makeup and soft.

Now it's time to wash my face! 
So I grab my box of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda!
Yep Baking Soda, it works so good. I was in shock after the first time I used it! 
The first time I used baking soda as a cleanser was because of one of my subscribers had told me about it! 
I looked over and saw that I was out of my Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean for Normal to Oily Skin.
I wanted to use that cleanser cause my skin felt filthy, I also had a bad breakout.
I glanced over and saw that the box of baking soda was sitting next to my cleanser.
So I tried it, I poured a bit of baking soda (bicarbonate soda) in my hand and wet it then I started washing and scrubbing.
It took a little extra rinsing off but when I was done my skin felt great! 
I really was in disbelief that my face felt better then when I wash with most of my Face Washes.
Using Baking Soda cleared up my breakout so quick, and my face wasn't just clean it was POLISHED!

*If you have oily skin you will love this! 
*If you have dry skin make sure you use the olive oil first this will soften flakey skin and make it lift with ease.
*If you have a breakout you should exfoliate with the baking soda or at least exfoliate the breakout area you will love how quickly it heals up the blemishes.
*If you hate looking at blackheads on your nose or chin you will love washing your face with baking soda it will completely clean them up! 

**WARNING if you are sensitive for any reason Do NOT wash your face with Baking Soda!!!
 Be careful with the baking soda just like any exfoliator remember  NOT to over scrub or use baking soda to wash your face everyday! once a week should be fine! 

Hope you Enjoy the video below!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Makeup School Eye Shapes 101

What's your Eye Shape?

There is no PERFECT Eye Shapes just Beautiful Eyes!

This is an important lesson for a makeup lover as well as a makeup artist!
As a makeup lover when you watch eyeshadow tutorials you may see a look that you love but the guru your watching has a very different eye shape or eyelid type then you.
Knowing your eye shape and eyelid type will make it possible to do the looks and use the colors in your favorite eyeshadow tutorials.
Knowing this information will also help you pick the best colors of eyeshadow and eyeliner for you and teach you proper placement for them!

First thing we will cover is Eye Shapes

These shapes describe the appearance of your actual eyeballs or how your eyelids frame your eyeball

Keep in mind when looking through these eye shapes that you also have eye size, eye placement and eyelid characteristics too!

Almond - the shape of the eye is in an almond like shape this shape is very flirty and sassy
Elongated eyeliner on upper lash line will benefit this eye shape.   

Example: Almond Eye

Round - the shape of this eye is more round and open looking it is a very desirable eye shape as it can be a lot of fun to work on with makeup 
Extending your eyeliner past your lash line in an upswept or winged line will benefit this eye shape.

Example: Round Eye
Oval - the shape of this eye is sexy and sultry and looks beautiful played up with makeup
this shape is usually long and slender and can be confused with almond shape because there are similarities. Keeping your eyeliner very thin and only lining 3/4 of the your upper lash line with an elongated tail will benefit this eye shape.

Example: Oval Eye

Description of how the eye socket holds your eye

*Prominent Eyes - Your eye is placed further out of your eye socket
Have thick shaped eyebrows
Line both waterlines and lash lines with dark eyeliner
use medium to deep shades of eyeshadow

Example: Prominent Eyes

*Deep Set - your eye is placed deep in the eye socket.
You should highlight the brow bone and tear duct
Use a medium shade to create an upswept crease on the outer corner 
Keep the eyeliner in a very thin line and use white or a matching flesh tone eyeliner in your waterline
Example: Deep Set Eyes

These describe the distance between your tear duct or inner corner of your eye to the side of your nose

*Close set - for eyes that are closely set to the side of your nose
highlight your tear duct area this will open that area up making your eyes appear further away from the nose
Elongate your eyeliner on the outer corners
Only line your eyes about half way across ( from the center of the lash line out)
Example: Close Set Eyes
*Far set - for eyes that have a little distance between the side of your nose and  the inner corners of your eyes
You should line your eyes from the inner corner out your eyes are perfect for the inner cat eye liner
Don't elongate your eyeliner at the end 
Do not highlight your tear duct area
bring out your inner crease for a dramatic look

Example: Far Set Eyes

The size of your eyes

*Large eyes - you should use deep to medium shades of eyeshadow and line the top and bottom waterline with black, dark gray or blue, dark drown this will reduce the size of your eyes let your eyebrows be shaped but kept thicker

Example: Large Eyes

*Small eyes - you should do a very thin line of eyeliner behind the lash line white or skin tone eyeliner in the bottom waterline, curl your lashes too that will open your eyes up, expose your brow bone by shaping your eyebrows

Example: Small Eyes

Makeup School Eye Shapes 101

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PinkBarry Handmade Jewelry

PinkBarry 100% Hand Crafted Items
I just love this adorable jewelry! Each piece has something special about it! I love the concept for this jewelry line!  

This is my favorite necklace in the whole collection it's the Sweetheart Necklace! 
I love the waffle cone heart that all the candy and goodies are on! How cute is this for a gift especially to a little girl! 
These earrings are really cute, very spring and summer! They also look great for a daytime party or when your hair is thrown up in a bun or ponytail. 
This one is my daughter's favorite she is 7 years old and she loves this necklace so much!
It's so pretty and simple!  
Awww! The teacup ring speaks for itself! 
All of these products were sent to me for review! If you like these pieces you may like the rest of the collection! Click below to see more PinkBarry Jewelry! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tretisse Review

I was sent these eyeshadows from Tretisse Cosmetics! I have not worn them I have only swatched them.

These do appear very sparkly they go on easy with a full blast of color!

The packaging is average at best, so beware of fall out in your makeup case!
One of the container lid's cracked apart when I opened it!  
Click for large image
However the eyeshadow was really pretty and lasted a decent amount of time. Here is a brief description of my first thoughts of the swatches.

Sunny is a golden orange color with lots of glitter, this loose eyeshadow glided right on and stayed on my hands for hours.

Bronze Baby is a golden bronzed loose eyeshadow it is beautiful and sparkly it was also long lasting.

Berry is a gorgeous pink frosted eyeshadow with a lot of shimmer and shine, this is a pressed eyeshadow.

Sunny is a beautiful summer or fall color it truly looks sunny and it gives your skin a warm glow.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Simply Red
Gorgeous Gold
Sleek Silver
Perfect Pink

These were sent to me by Travalo! I can't wait to try these! I have 2 bottles of perfume that are broken and I will fill the Travalo's in a video review! I haven't tried any of them yet so the only thing I can speak on is the appearance of the product and the main functions!

Main Functions
 This product is a Perfume Atomizer ( which means theses little mini spray bottles suck perfume out of bottles), bring your perfume with you without having to buy a mini spray or carrying your big bottle in your bag!

This product is good looking and classy! The pink, gold and red ones almost look like a lipstick! Then on the other hand aside from the pink one they are very sleek and perfect for a guy too, especially the black and the silver!

I think these are the perfect gift for anyone!
I was also thinking what if you have these and you want to sample or share someone's perfume like your Mom, sister or friends!
They also seem like a great solution for planes if you travel you know how hard it can be to get cosmetic through much less fragrance!
I will be posting a video of me trying these out! and I will be posting a full review here on this website!

e.l.f. Essential Professional Complete Set of 12 Brushes

E.L.F.   Eyes Lips Face
e.l.f. Essential Professional Complete Set of 12 Brushes

Total Face Brush

What I Like: It is a good powder, bronzer, and blush brush.
It picks up product evenly, and applies evenly
What I Dislike: I have no dislikes for this particular brush

Foundation Brush
What I Like: the fact that this brush is under a dollar, it will give you an idea of whether or not a paddle foundation brush is for you. 
What I Dislike: It broke on me and it was a mediocre application at best 

Eyeshadow Brush
What I Like: this was a great brush for blending and dusting on eyeshadow
What I Dislike: I wish the hairs were longer

Bronzing Brush
What I Like: I didn't like anything really at all about this brush
What I Dislike: I hate the angle it is cut in, I think the hairs were uneven, and it feels cheap

Eyeliner Brush
What I Like: It's a good tool to have for applying false eyelashes
What I Dislike: it's too flimsy for eye lining especially at beginner level

Blending Eye Brush
What I Like: this is a good brush for blending and applying color in the crease
What I Dislike: Nothing

Concealer Brush
What I Like: its a sturdy little brush, I found good for lip lining, eye lining, and placing either highlight or a gem in the tear duct area.
What I Dislike: to small for concealing in my opinion 

Defining Eye Brush
What I Like: Not too much it's an okay brush if you like an angled cut 
What I Dislike: It sprayed eyeshadow it was an uneven application

Lip Defining Brush
What I Like: it's an okay paint brush for glitter applications
What I Dislike: the hairs fell out on the lip 

Smudge Eye Sponge
What I Like: Everything
What I Dislike: Nothing

Brow Comb and Brush
What I Like: It's price $0.99
What I Dislike: Not a thing 

Eyelash and Brow Wand
What I Like: It's a great price
What I Dislike: Nothing at all

Video Review on these Brushes

Next up for e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Line Brushes
*Visit to purchase these brushes*

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Makeup School: Concealers 101 Correction Concealer

Corrective Concealers

Correction Concealers come in colors like Orange, Yellow, Purple, Green and Pale Pink

When I first started out in makeup I was AFRAID of these concealers I was like "What is Green Concealer for Halloween?"

If you feel the same way I did you probably think those concealers are useless!
They can be so helpful if you understand them! 

*Corrective Concealer Color Theory 
Corrective concealer color theory is different than foundation,eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush color theory!
If you remember your complimentary colors from My Color Theory Video on YT you may already be familiar with complimentary colors 
We are going to use complimentary colors to make sense of corrective concealer
If your not familiar with Complimentary colors,they are colors that are opposites of each other

*Here's a quick refresher of Complimentary Colors

Red and Green
Blue and Orange 
Yellow and Violet (purple)

*Green Concealer counter acts Redness in the skin like Rosca, Acne and Scars

*Orange Concealer covers blue in the skin like Dark circles and veins

*Yellow Concealer covers purple in the skin like dark circles, bruising, scarring

*Purple Concealer covers yellow in the skin this Usually occurs from some type of illness (jaundice)

*Pale Pink brightens the skin with dull or grayish undertones

Now the reason we use these colors together is that when mixing these complimentary colors on the skin it creates tones of beige and tan (skin tones) therefore canceling out or neutralizing the unwanted discoloration!

For Deep Dark Skin Tones it's best to use  a Neutral Concealer to Correct any unwanted discolorations, you would match your skin tone's intensity, not the skin's undertone. You just want to neutralize the discoloration!

Now you may be wondering how to use Corrective Concealers, no worries I will tell you!  

-make sure the face is clean, moisturized, and primed whether its yours or someone else.

- know what color of concealer you need to use to neutralize the skin issue you are dealing with
(refer back to the top of the page for a guide of the correction concealer colors)

-take the color of corrective concealer needed and apply it in the appropriate area
Choose the best method of application by accessing the area of the skin you will be working on, by that I mean take into consideration the texture and size of what you are covering.

- pick your tool for application here are some of my suggestions

Wet sponge for large areas or a whole face
Small stippling brush for covering large textured areas
Flat shader brush for some under eye area corrections and small areas on the face that need correcting
Small fluffy eyeshadow brush to stipple corrective concealer in small areas ( this is very helpful for textured pimples)
Paddle foundation brush

- apply the concealer and once it is placed and blended,set it with a colorless or translucent powder, the less color the better when setting corrective concealers or any concealers

- everything should be set now, apply the foundation as you would normally right over the area, you should also apply any additional concealers, and set with powder.
Be careful not to disturb the concealer when applying your foundation and any additional concealers

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Makeup School : Concealers 101

Concealer 101
Concealer is a highly pigmented foundation type of makeup 

Concealer is a key part in makeup its not the most glamourous makeup purchase you'll ever make but concealer can be priceless. 
As a Makeup Artist concealer is a major piece of your kit. Concealers can be used for so much more than just covering a pimple and dark circles.
If you wear makeup or you are a makeup lover you know that there have been many days your concealer saved your Face! I salute the concealers of this world they are amazing! 

Concealer Coverages and Some Uses 

Sheer to medium- which I would describe as full coverage foundation these are good for covering unwanted undertones or blotchiness These are good for the very young

Medium  -is what most concealers are. This formula is used for under eye darkness, blemishes, and some scarring

Full/opaque- is for severe scarring, acne, and tattoos

Concealer Finishes and Some Uses

Matte Finish Concealer- great for more oily skin, powder dry finish

Moisturizing Concealer- great for under eye darkness and on dried out pimples, Natural and life like finish

Natural Finish Concealer- semi satin finish good for all skin types, satin finish is best described as a sheen on the skin

How to pick a concealer for blemishes and discolorations

*Try something 1 shade lighter then your foundation

How to pick a concealer for under eye darkness
*Try to match your circles, so you may need to go darker then your foundation in fact I recommend it!

If your under eye circles are purple get a yellowy color
If your under eye circles are blue go for an orangey color


*Concealer Tips and Tricks

You can apply concealer on top of your foundation, this method really brightens under your eyes. 
           *(Except for Corrective Concealers they should always be applied before foundation)                                                                                 
Apply your concealer before your foundation, this method seems to work best when covering blemishes.

If creasing in the under eye area is an issue when using concealer, try a moisturizing concealer for that area, you can blot the excess with a velour puff or wet makeup sponge, then set it with a colorless setting powder.

When using concealer on a pimple, put the concealer on your hand and use a fluffy eyeshadow brush and stipple the concealer on the blemished area.

Concealer is also a great Highlighter, a concealer a shade or two lighter than your foundation looks great under your brow bone, or to highlight the check bones.
Just take a little bit of this concealer and put it right under the brow bone and blend and it really makes a big difference.
To highlight your cheekbones , just dot some concealer (that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation on your upper cheek bones kinda right under your under eye area.

You can also contour your face with a concealer a shade or two darker than your foundation
Dot this darker shade of concealer under your cheekbones and blend it in to angle your face

To make your lips appear larger, dot your darker shade of concealer under the center of your bottom lip 
blend it across slightly to the right then to the left making a little line, under the bottom lip making it look like you went a little too far with your lip liner, all you want to do here is create a slight shadow