Friday, August 26, 2011

Makeup School Eye Shapes 101

What's your Eye Shape?

There is no PERFECT Eye Shapes just Beautiful Eyes!

This is an important lesson for a makeup lover as well as a makeup artist!
As a makeup lover when you watch eyeshadow tutorials you may see a look that you love but the guru your watching has a very different eye shape or eyelid type then you.
Knowing your eye shape and eyelid type will make it possible to do the looks and use the colors in your favorite eyeshadow tutorials.
Knowing this information will also help you pick the best colors of eyeshadow and eyeliner for you and teach you proper placement for them!

First thing we will cover is Eye Shapes

These shapes describe the appearance of your actual eyeballs or how your eyelids frame your eyeball

Keep in mind when looking through these eye shapes that you also have eye size, eye placement and eyelid characteristics too!

Almond - the shape of the eye is in an almond like shape this shape is very flirty and sassy
Elongated eyeliner on upper lash line will benefit this eye shape.   

Example: Almond Eye

Round - the shape of this eye is more round and open looking it is a very desirable eye shape as it can be a lot of fun to work on with makeup 
Extending your eyeliner past your lash line in an upswept or winged line will benefit this eye shape.

Example: Round Eye
Oval - the shape of this eye is sexy and sultry and looks beautiful played up with makeup
this shape is usually long and slender and can be confused with almond shape because there are similarities. Keeping your eyeliner very thin and only lining 3/4 of the your upper lash line with an elongated tail will benefit this eye shape.

Example: Oval Eye

Description of how the eye socket holds your eye

*Prominent Eyes - Your eye is placed further out of your eye socket
Have thick shaped eyebrows
Line both waterlines and lash lines with dark eyeliner
use medium to deep shades of eyeshadow

Example: Prominent Eyes

*Deep Set - your eye is placed deep in the eye socket.
You should highlight the brow bone and tear duct
Use a medium shade to create an upswept crease on the outer corner 
Keep the eyeliner in a very thin line and use white or a matching flesh tone eyeliner in your waterline
Example: Deep Set Eyes

These describe the distance between your tear duct or inner corner of your eye to the side of your nose

*Close set - for eyes that are closely set to the side of your nose
highlight your tear duct area this will open that area up making your eyes appear further away from the nose
Elongate your eyeliner on the outer corners
Only line your eyes about half way across ( from the center of the lash line out)
Example: Close Set Eyes
*Far set - for eyes that have a little distance between the side of your nose and  the inner corners of your eyes
You should line your eyes from the inner corner out your eyes are perfect for the inner cat eye liner
Don't elongate your eyeliner at the end 
Do not highlight your tear duct area
bring out your inner crease for a dramatic look

Example: Far Set Eyes

The size of your eyes

*Large eyes - you should use deep to medium shades of eyeshadow and line the top and bottom waterline with black, dark gray or blue, dark drown this will reduce the size of your eyes let your eyebrows be shaped but kept thicker

Example: Large Eyes

*Small eyes - you should do a very thin line of eyeliner behind the lash line white or skin tone eyeliner in the bottom waterline, curl your lashes too that will open your eyes up, expose your brow bone by shaping your eyebrows

Example: Small Eyes

Makeup School Eye Shapes 101


  1. perfect information,perfect timing. very useful for my new salon.... incredible eye's,thanks and more power...

  2. I have watched your video and read your blog on the eye shapes and I still can not tell what I have, all I know is I have hooded eyes which hide any eyeshadow I put on my eyes. If you could help that would be nice.

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