Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tretisse Review

I was sent these eyeshadows from Tretisse Cosmetics! I have not worn them I have only swatched them.

These do appear very sparkly they go on easy with a full blast of color!

The packaging is average at best, so beware of fall out in your makeup case!
One of the container lid's cracked apart when I opened it!  
Click for large image
However the eyeshadow was really pretty and lasted a decent amount of time. Here is a brief description of my first thoughts of the swatches.

Sunny is a golden orange color with lots of glitter, this loose eyeshadow glided right on and stayed on my hands for hours.

Bronze Baby is a golden bronzed loose eyeshadow it is beautiful and sparkly it was also long lasting.

Berry is a gorgeous pink frosted eyeshadow with a lot of shimmer and shine, this is a pressed eyeshadow.

Sunny is a beautiful summer or fall color it truly looks sunny and it gives your skin a warm glow.


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