Monday, September 12, 2011

What you need to know about buying Makeup

I have worked for the MAC counter, Estee Lauder Counter and Clinque.
I am blogging truthfully about sales tactics and how easy it is for unsuspecting people to get run over by sneaky little tricks,
the Cosmetic Companies don't want you to know about!
I want you all to have control over what you purchase and really use the items you get.
Unfortunately being a sales person relies on the Power of Suggestion! 
Learn to read the signs of the cold world of sales.
 Have you ever walked in to the MAC store or any makeup counter for that matter and been completely sidetracked? *Yeah 
You were just going in to get your foundation or mascara and end up walking out with eyeshadow quads, lash primer, concealer, powder and you even ended up trying a whole different foundation, a new formula, because the sales person told you it's better then what you like!
If this hasn't happened to you, it can!

I just came across some old notes from a MAC class, I guess it was a selling update, because what I jotted down was all about making people buy more than they want or need! 
I am not talking about tactics that are agressive, I mean little subtle suggestions that would possibly lead to a bigger sale!  
I was so shocked when I read the hand out they gave us that day!

It reads:
Try to not ever let someone leave without buying more then one thing.
*Does that explain why every time you try to just go buy your lipgloss you get asked if you would like to see the matching lipstick, lip liner or perhaps if those don't work lip primer.

Always try to make a sale of at least $50, if you are not doing this you will fall behind on your daily goal.
*Again if you stop in the mall just to pick up your bronzer for example the sales person is not pleased until they have shown you the brush you should be using to apply your bronzer.

Read your customer figure out how much you can sell them by their personality, create concern and then address that concern.
*This one was really disturbing to me because this means that employees are not being trained to truly help people they are being taught to manipulate customers looking for help.
"Creating a concern" is a real mind game to play on someone, this is when your beauty advisor/sales person, knows they are about to lose you they will say something like do you want to try our new foundation it will help you with your dry skin! Bam you gott'em now the customer wants to know why they need this particular foundation! 

When you are asked to go get a product to try on a customer bring back 3x times the amount of product to demo on the them.  
So this is when you go to your favorite makeup counter and think I do want to try that new eyeshadow I saw in the magazine  and the sales person/beauty advisor came back to you with not only the eyeshadow you wanted to try but eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow primer and brushes! 

My advice comes from being on both sides of that makeup counter as a customer and as a beauty advisor/sales person.
1.) Have a list of what you want to buy. If you don't know exactly what product, try to stick to what you went to the makeup counter for, it's so easy to be sidetracked.
2.) Don't buy things you know you won't wear. If you know you like pale pink eyeshadow don't let someone tell you you should wear electric purple.
3.)Whenever a sales person is really pushing a product be leery.  They may have another incentive for pushing so hard. 
If you want to get the blush you have worn for years but the sales person/ beauty advisor is suggesting a strange blush that don't even match your skin, over and over you know this person probably doesn't care what it looks like on you or what you wanted, they just need to move that certain product! 

There was an older woman I worked with a Estee Lauder, she was the top sales person at the counter for like 100 years. She was cool, but you couldn't turn your back on her. Sweet old lady on the outside and barracuda on the inside. She could cause a customer mental anguish. She would say things like while your here for your mascara you need to do something about your acne, wrinkles,oily skin, dry patches, age spots. People would walk away and then come back I was always surprised. What she would do was plant a time bomb in their mind, meant to explode later, the customer is left thinking "Do I have wrinkles?" She was a master of manipulation.
 Sad to say she isn't the only sales person like that!


  1. Omg wow shocking :D
    Thanks for the articles

  2. People like that give all sales associates a bad name. I work for Lush, and it's a part of our job to approach customers almost immediately after they walk in. But we are trained to be kind and caring, to truly listen to customers, and only link products if we truly believe they will like them, get use out of them, or will be beneficial to them. It's sadly true how much all of us at Lush truly care about our customers, but nine times out of ten, customers treat us like absolute shit because they think we're just trying to sell things to them. When in all reality, we make zero (ZERO!!!) comission. It's sad.

  3. This is why I could never be a salesperson. I would feel too guilty!!

  4. Be careful in choosing the products. See to it that it's safe for your skin.

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