Friday, October 7, 2011

What? Kmart is Racist!

You will not believe what happened to me at Kmart!

Last week my husband and I were at Kmart getting a little early Christmas shopping done. The Kmart near me is very low key, and they offer layaway.  So we thought lets go clear out all the Barbie, Monster High, and Littlest Pet Shop sections.

When we went in the store had like 10 people besides employees in it. It seemed like a few other parents had the same idea.

So we were just shopping and a young guy starts following us around. I didn't even notice at first I was in my shopping state of mind. Steve (my husband) said "Yo this dude is following us around" I was like " no he's not" and I laughed.

Then I moved to the Halloween costumes and there he was. So I moved to girls shoes and he was there too. Now we know for certain this guy is following us around. I walk to girl's clothes to see if he follows me!

He followed me! So Steve asks him " Did you want to come shopping with us?"
The guy's reply was so funny! He said " Dude if I was following you, You would Never know"
My husband called him "Slick" and I think a "Security Ninja"
We were laughing and kinda pissed.
I said to Steve " Let's just finish what we were doing and get out of here!"
Because my husband was ready to kick this guy's ass.

I get Steve in line and we are calming down now and really starting to laugh about it. Then I step over and look down and isle and see this creep standing there waving his hand at me like hahahaha!
I never even said a word to Steve! I never even told him what he did. I just said to him" Babe I'm going to talk to a manager about this guy"

I approach a woman in the toy isle. She was shoving lil kid's toy shopping carts back onto the shelves.Mumbling under her breathe " If people would watch their kid's then I wouldn't have to do this!" She had the walkie talkie thing that manager's wear on the back of her pants and by her frustration I could just tell she was the manager.

So I say "Hi! How are you? Are you a manager?"
She replies " Tonight I am."
I say "Okay great, I need your help. One of your security team is basically harassing me and my husband" I explained the whole situation to her the following, the arguing with my husband, and him going out of his way to taunt me.
The manager's reply was one of the most racist things, I have ever heard of. She says, "He wasn't following you he was following black people" I said "What?" She said" yeah he wasn't worried about you he was looking for black people" "black people just stole from this store earlier" I said "Wow!" and I started to laugh at her. I said"You assume because I'm white I'm a racist? and your little black people answer is okay with me?"
I walked back to Steve.
 Now I told him what she said.
 He was so mad, He walked over to her now.
He tells her what the guy did.
She said the same thing to Steve about black people stealing!  He said to her "So I am I supposed to think that the security guard wasn't following me because I'm puerto rican, a little bit darker then the rest of your customers. "
This racist woman turns around to look at Steve for the first time in their conversation, almost like she was sizing up his darkness and tattoos, and she says " No your not, I would never think that of you, that you were a Puerto Rican."
My eyes almost fell out of my head. I was so shocked. Cause to me that means they profile customers at this Kmart location!"
I called Corporate right in store from my cell! It was 8:30pm on a Saturday Night but I got to speak to someone. The woman I spoke to was so nice and could not believe what had happened.
She passed my report on to the NCR National Customer Response.
They were also outraged.

Then I received a phone call from the actual store it happened in. At first I thought they had the racist manager call me. So I didn't call back right away. I called corporate and they hooked me up with a different manager.
The woman was very nice and seemed concerned.
I don't know though, you know how that rolls with co workers.
You tell the customer whatever to smooth everything over, offer them a giftcard and it's done.
I think what this woman did was way beyond a poor showmanship of customer service.
Forget the over zealous security guard at this point, he was just an idiot with a two way, playing Kmart detective.
The manager however is a racist an a reflection on how customer's are received at Kmart!
She has NOT been fired she still works there! They both do! 
Tell me what you think about this?    

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Easy Homemade Teeth Whitener Update

A New at Home Teeth Whitening Stain Removal
Now you may have seen my video on YouTube about Homemade Teeth Whitener using Baking soda and peroxide! If not I have it posted below to check out! 

I was reading Allure magazine September 2011 issue and they had some at Home Tooth Whitening ideas! 
One of these tips I thought kinda went with my video. So I wanted to share it with you! 

First they said to dry your teeth! Apparently salvia can weaken the strength of your tooth whitener! 
Try using a clean washcloth to dry your teeth before using baking soda or peroxide to brush with! 

This was my favorite tip if you have stains on your teeth take a washcloth and dip it into peroxide and rub it on to the stain!
 It will be more effective then just brushing the stains with peroxide or baking soda!
*Now for stain removal I would say if the mixture is not going to be hitting your gums, then go ahead and mix some peroxide and baking soda into a paste like consistency and scrub those stains away! 

Be careful peroxide with bleach the color out of your washcloth so be sure your ok with that first! 
* If you experience any sensitivity from using whitening products brush with a toothpaste like Sensodyne when using whitening products!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Homemade Blackhead Clarifying Peel Off Mask

Say Goodbye to Blackheads!

You wanna make your blackheads disappear today?

It's so easy to do at Home! 
Do you have eggs and lemon juice?
Yes that's it Eggs and Lemon Juice!

You may be asking yourself
 Why Lemon Juice?
 Why Egg Whites?

Lemon Juice is so powerful in eliminating oil and bacteria, clearing away blackheads and tightening pores.
Lemon Juice is a alpha hydroxy acid which is used in a lot of skin clearing products! 

Egg Whites really brighten and tighten the skin making it feel lifted, and your pores are smaller after this mask. 
Egg Whites also aid in clearing up old break outs! 
Now lets get started! 
You will first take an egg and separate the white or clear part of the egg and put it in a bowl. You can discard the rest of the egg and shell.
Then you want to add 1 tsp. of lemon juice.
I use 1 little packet of lemon juice which is about a teaspoon.

Start with a fresh clean face, this will make the EggWhite and Lemon Juice Mask stick better! 

Mix them together.
Your mixture will be thin.  
Apply it all over your face.
Avoid your eye area!
Once you have applied it all over your face, you will have to wait for it to dry.
It takes about 20 minutes sometimes a little longer.
The mask will be stiff and tight when it's completely dry.
When your mask is dry start peeling away your blackheads.
I always start around my nose or my forehead! 
Peel off as much as you can and then rinse your skin, you can use a washcloth to scrub away any stubborn parts.
After the rest of the mask as been rinsed away, wash your face again with your favorite cleanser.
I Love peel off face masks and most of them I have tried break me out except for this one!
It feels so good! 
You will notice instant effects!

New Mascara! MAC False Lashes Extreme Black

MAC False Lashes Extreme Black

Set to be on shelves on October 6th 2011 
in the USA 
It will go for $19.99 US 
 $22.50 in Canada

I am so excited for this Mascara to come out!
When MAC introduces a NEW permanent product I get crazy, because it means the product is really good! 

I'm a huge fan of MAC's mascaras anyway,my favorites are X Mascara and Zoom Lash! 
I probably wouldn't love MAC mascara so much, if I didn't work for them in the past. 
After having an opportunity to try them all when I worked there I can honestly say MAC mascaras do exactly what they say they will.
They aren't all that expensive compared to other high-end makeup brands. 

Now to discuss the Mascara itself.
It is supposed to be lightweight. 
Highly pigmented to give lashes the most extreme black color. 
Up lifting to give your lashes a slight curl.
Rich to fill in sparse areas of your lashes.
It sounds Dreamy! I can't wait! 

If you get it before me tell how you like it! Leave me a little first impressions comment! 
If your excited too tell me in the comments! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Who wants to have the look of healthy hair without getting a trim?
Who would like their spilt ends to disappear?
Does anybody like shiny glossy hair?
Well this post is all about a haircare line from Nexxus that will seriously change the appearance of your hair in just one use!

Here is the complete collection! I have tried the Shampoo, Conditioner, and the Heat Styling Spray. 

I got the shampoo at Ulta for $10.99 US
I also bought the conditioner at ULTA for
 $10.99 US
I want to try this next! It's the leave in conditioner!
It goes for $10.99US at

I will definitely be purchasing this when winter comes in or after I get highlights again which ever comes first! 
I have the ProMend Heat Protexx spray it's AMAZING!
 It was $11.99US at ULTA.
I saw all of these products on Amazon for$9.99US.
Lately people have been complimenting me on my hair and the only thing thats different is my shampoo and conditioner! I really love this line! I haven't used Nexxus for years until I heard all these good things about this line! 
If your hair breaks easily
 or you have long hair,
 dyed hair,
 or heat styled hair,
 you will love
 these Nexxus ProMend products! 
Say goodbye to breakage!