Saturday, July 6, 2013

Justice for Max

     RIP Max You may be gone but you will never be forgotten! 

      I want to start off by saying I don't hate cops! I have tremendous respect for them, however just because someone wears a badge and is called officer doesn't mean they are a good person or not a criminal themselves! 

    I saw a video on Tuesday July 2nd 2013 of a black man being wrongful arrested and his dog murdered right in front of him! I'm sure if you are on the internet right now you have seen or at least heard of Max the Rottweiler. I watched the video and it was worse then any horror movie I have ever seen it was any pet owner's worst nightmare! 

     If you haven't seen the video I'm speaking about I'm going to explain it to you from my perspective. The video takes place in Hawthorne CA (Los Angeles County) in an average neighborhood, or at least it looked average to me. I live near Camden and Philadelphia so the area did not look that ghetto to me. In the first few minutes of the video you can see 3 or 4 cop cars and a SWAT Hummer blocking a street off and a few officers in the distance. You will also notice a black man (Leon Rosby) around age 50 walking his dog (Max)they were just returning from the dog park. The man in the video is using his phone to either take pictures or video of the officers in the distance questioning a few young men ( I'm assuming suspects and witnesses) about an armed robbery. As this man walks back and forth across the street with his dog, who is completely not aggressive toward the police or any bystanders, the man is noticed by the police. The police holler down the block at this man, (it is not clear what they are saying), I think it was "What are you doing here?" but you could hear the man's reply to the officers of "I'm just trying to make sure no ones civil rights are being violated." 
       Now the part that has me baffled is the cops don't notice the other people recording, what ended up being two incidents  unfolding. My big question is were the people who released this footage white? 
      After the cops yelled down the block at Mr.Rosby they decided to walk away from the suspects/people they were questioning and arrest Mr.Rosby. This man must of known he was going to be detained because he proceeded to his car and put his dog Max in the back seat. Then you see Mr.Rosby put his hands behind his back in preparation for his arrest. In my opinion that was the Hawthorne Police Dept's first mistake! What were they even arresting him for? I think if you have armed robbery suspects or witnesses being questioned that would trump a bystander recording it! 
     While Mr.Rosby is being cuffed and I think read his rights Max has his head out the window of the back seat. When the officers surround Max's owner, Max jumps out the window and approaches the officers and his owner who was handcuffed and being backed up. Max was barking at the officers. As though he was confused, he never showed aggression. 
       What happens next is burnt into my memory forever! Officer Jeffery Salmon, who was clearly agitated at this time, takes out his gun and shoots Max! Not once or twice but he nearly unloads his clip on him! The cop could of tasered the dog if he felt threatened but Officer Salmon executed Max as though he was the Terminator. He shot that dog for no reason other then he could. I had to stop the video at that point because I became hysterical. I just couldn't stop crying. It was horrible! 

     If you want to view this graphic video and leave me your opinions here is the link
(this video is age restricted due to its violent content)

Saturday July6th,2013 there will be a protest for Max and at the Hawthorne Police Dept. in CA from 8am-2pm. I wish I could be there, I also want so badly to be able to do something about this  and since I can't be there tomorrow I decided to post this blog in memory of Max!