Friday, May 9, 2014

How to Put Eyeliner on Someone Else

Learning how to apply liquid or gel eyeliner on yourself can be hard enough to master but putting liquid eyeliner on someone else can seem to be impossible! 
Well my video demonstration showing you exactly how to apply liquid or gel eyeliner will show you how to achieve what may seem improbable! 

Before I learned this technique I would have the hardest time getting my subjects to relax their eyelid enough to be able to apply the eyeliner smoothly. 

 It's a natural reaction for someone to blink, squint, or crinkle up their eyelid when the eye sees an object invading it! 
Our brain protects us through involuntary reactions to things like what appears to be a sharp object headed toward the eyes. 
That's why a lot of people's eyes start watering when you get too close, it's just a natural defense! 

I know that I find it easiest to learn through Demonstration but that's not how everyone can learn the best some prefer step by step written directions, for those of you who feel that way I have put together a written instruction list. It might be a good idea to print this out if it helps you and put it in your makeup bag 

1. Start by having your subject look directly at you.
2 Then ask them to keep their head straight, and only move their eyes downward. I tell my client's to look down at their knee. 
3 Now you will notice that the eyelid is completely relaxed, have your eyelining brush of your choice ready for the next step
4 Gently place your thumb on your subject's eyelid, slightly pulling upward
*If you're working on someone with a mature eyelid tug gently until the eyelid is smoothed out this will allow you to properly line the back of the upper lashline
5 Now start applying the eyeliner in a sweeping motion from the middle of the lashline to the outer corner 
* You can go over it until it is straight and smooth looking 
The Inner Corner 
1 Have your subject return to face to face contact 
2 You then will ask them to look up and to whatever corner is appropriate for that eye 
For example if you are working on the left eye have your client look up and over to the left while keeping their head straight
3 Now you'll notice the inner corner of the eye is exposed 
4 You can just start lining the inner corner of the eye or gently place your thumb above the area you are applying the eyeliner and continue lining 
5 When you are happy with the inner corner line, you can have your client return to the face to face contact with their eyes turned down toward their knee
6 Bring it all together by applying a sweeping motion with your eyeliner brush going from the furthest you can go in the  inner corner with your brush and without disturbing your beautifully applied eyeliner continue lining right across to the outer corner 
*Tip to drag or dramatically extend the eyeliner on the outer corner have your subject keep their head pointed straight at you and turn their eyes inward or tell them to act like they're trying to look at the side of their nose, this isn't always necessary the outer corner is usually the easiest part! Only use this if there is lines or wrinkles on the outer corner of the eyes

Below you will find an older video of mine, giving the same lesson but in lecture form, I actually enjoy lecture style learning, and I know some prefer this style also! 


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