Friday, May 9, 2014

Prom Survival Guide

 Prom is such an important milestone! Every detail must be perfect from your toenails to every little hair on your head! So I decided to put together a list of Prom Night Do's and Don'ts a survival guide of sorts.

Don't Bake yourself 
By bake I mean don't go to the tanning salon one too many times, we aren't supposed to be going tanning anyways but if you must, do it in moderation. Anyone who has been to a prom or formal will tell you there is always at least one orange girl.
Don't Burn yourself 
This one is for girls like me, a Last Minute Lucy, don't decide to start tanning 2 days before prom. You could end up getting burnt especially if you are fair like me.
*Do get a Spray Tan or a Bronzer 
My choice is Bronzer you can control the depth of your tan and it usually has sparkles in it! 

Don't Be a Busted Pack of Biscuits 
By busted pack of biscuits I mean don't be hanging out of your dress whether it be too low cut or too short! It looks trashy for prom, there's a time and a place for everything so you will have plenty of chances to flaunt your body!
*Do be a Class Act 
Make sure you choose a well fitting dress! Think of Prom as your Ball and look like the princess you are! 
My best tip for picking a dress not just for a Prom or Formal but for any special occasion you get a dress for is, an A-cut dress it's flattering on any body type. 
Also here are a couple Dress Rules that might help you make the Best Choice
If you have a big bust or you are bigger on top look for a dress with straps or a halter neck line. 
If you have big arms or shoulders choose a dress that has a cap sleeve jacket. 

If you are smaller on top or small busted then go for a strapless dress and get a good strapless push-up bra.

If you want to make your waist to look smaller then definitely think A-cut dress style, and they have these available in Strapless styles too! 
If you want to appear to have longer legs then get a dress that is on the longer side with a split, or a dress that stops right above the knee and don't forget the heels!
 If you want to look a little shorter I'm not sure why anyone would want that but maybe you are taller then your date!  

Don't do anything too Trendy with your Hair or Makeup 
Remember your Prom pictures will probably be hanging up on someone's wall for at least 10yrs, you don't want to look back and say What was I thinking, doing Cheetah Eyeshadow for prom or having to explain why you dyed your hair Blue to match your dress! 
*Do be your Beautiful Self just Polished 
There's no reason to go overboard! 
Go for the fake eyelashes or a whiter brighter smile! Add a little extra flare to everything just don't get nuts! 

Last but not least 

Don't Drink and Drive
Don't get in the car with anyone who has been Drinking 
Don't let your Friends Drive after they've been Drinking

*Do call someone who is Sober to pick you up 
Call a cab, a parent, an older brother or sister just make sure you GET HOME SAFELY!   



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