Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to Apply Hair Extensions

My daughter is 10 years old has been asking me for highlights and those bright colored streaks in her hair forever! I'm not ready nor am I cool enough to let her dye her hair. We tried hair chalks and since my daughter has medium brown hair the colors always turned out muted even when I used a white hair spray as a base. I found it was messy also, besides a waste of money. We also tried the clip in extensions that were time consuming and always fell out.

Then one day I was at Sally's Beauty Supply and saw the feather extensions and thought to myself if I can do feather extensions, why not get the pack of blonde strands, fusion extensions and give her highlights! I realized this method is a great solution not only for the tweenies, that aren't allowed to get their hair chemically lightened but for anyone who has gotten bleach highlights that have dried and damaged their hair out. It's so much cheaper then going to the salon! 

Things you will need to do this
I-Tip Fusion Hair Extension Blonde pack $33.99US Dollars
I-Tip Fusion Hair Extension Pink pack $23.99
Jar of Beads $16.99US Dollars
Bead Threader $3US Dollars
Last but not least you will need a pair of needle nose pliers, I had a pair at home, they weren't intended to be used for hair but they are the same as the pliers Sally's Beauty Supply sells. I had priced them at the store just in case I would have to purchase them if I didn't have a pair at home Sally's Beauty Supply want $34.99
So your tools are a one time purchase, and I would say the beads last for about 5 times.