Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to Line your Upper Waterline or Tightlining

Learn how to double the size of your eyelashes, with one simple eyeliner trick known as tighlining.
The technique of tightlining is so great because it can be used by all ages, this is makeup doing what it is meant to do enhance natural beauty! I say it is for all ages because it is technically hidden makeup!

How to Get Soft Smooth Heels

Do you how to get you feet silky smooth and ready for flip flops and sandals without at pedicure!
I do it's so easy to make this Homemade Scrub I show in the video below!
It's all NATURAL and both ingredients can be used daily!
My new favorite Beauty secret is Coconut Oil!

All you need to make this is Coconut Oil and Salt!
Foot Scrub Recipe
1 Teaspoon of Coconut Oil
2-3 Teaspoons of Salt ( depending on how much exfoliating power you need)
Mix them together
Now you're one step closer to Summer Ready Feet bring on the Flip Flops and Sandals!
*Use an Acne Spot Treatment with Salicylic Acid to maintain soft heels it is an excellent exfoliator

Monday, May 19, 2014

How to do Tightlining

Tightlining is one of the easiest things to learn how to do, it's really simple but adds so much to your appearance!
Many of us already line the waterline of our eyes,well Tightlining is lining the upper waterline. 

You just want to make sure you try this before you have some where to go, as it might make your eyes tear until you get used to it. I will give written instructions and post the video lesson.

First things first you need an eyeliner of your choice, I suggest a jumbo eyeliner pencil that isn't pointy sharp. I choose this because they seem to glide on with ease and they cover a lot of ground in just a few strokes. I'm used to doing this so I don't tear up anymore and I'm able to use my gel eyeliner with a flat eyeliner brush! 
Now that you have your pencil ready lets get started! 
Place your index finger on your eyelid and tug upward you will see the roots of your eyelashes and your upper waterline.
Now that you have exposed the upper waterline, you can start Tightlining. 
Take your eyeliner whether it be a pencil or a brush and start applying the eyeliner. You can move in a scribbling motion when lining the roots of your eyelashes. You can use a sweeping motion when doing the inner corner. 
Fill in the whole waterline. 
If it's your first time do one eye then compare you will see the incredible lash doubling difference. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! 

Mother's Day is one of my favorite day's, my daughter and my husband make the day filled with fun and love! The video I'm posting is my gift from 5yrs ago, boy do I miss the baby in that video! My daughter is 10 years old now and I still cry when I see this! 

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms, Grandmoms, StepMoms,FosterMoms, Dads who are both! 

To all the kids out there I don't care if you and your Mom fight or are angry with each other, your Mom LOVES You with every ounce of her being, so grab your phone and call her or text her! You won't have your Mom forever and NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU LIKE HER!

Friday, May 9, 2014

How to Put Eyeliner on Someone Else

Learning how to apply liquid or gel eyeliner on yourself can be hard enough to master but putting liquid eyeliner on someone else can seem to be impossible! 
Well my video demonstration showing you exactly how to apply liquid or gel eyeliner will show you how to achieve what may seem improbable! 

Before I learned this technique I would have the hardest time getting my subjects to relax their eyelid enough to be able to apply the eyeliner smoothly. 

 It's a natural reaction for someone to blink, squint, or crinkle up their eyelid when the eye sees an object invading it! 
Our brain protects us through involuntary reactions to things like what appears to be a sharp object headed toward the eyes. 
That's why a lot of people's eyes start watering when you get too close, it's just a natural defense! 

I know that I find it easiest to learn through Demonstration but that's not how everyone can learn the best some prefer step by step written directions, for those of you who feel that way I have put together a written instruction list. It might be a good idea to print this out if it helps you and put it in your makeup bag 

1. Start by having your subject look directly at you.
2 Then ask them to keep their head straight, and only move their eyes downward. I tell my client's to look down at their knee. 
3 Now you will notice that the eyelid is completely relaxed, have your eyelining brush of your choice ready for the next step
4 Gently place your thumb on your subject's eyelid, slightly pulling upward
*If you're working on someone with a mature eyelid tug gently until the eyelid is smoothed out this will allow you to properly line the back of the upper lashline
5 Now start applying the eyeliner in a sweeping motion from the middle of the lashline to the outer corner 
* You can go over it until it is straight and smooth looking 
The Inner Corner 
1 Have your subject return to face to face contact 
2 You then will ask them to look up and to whatever corner is appropriate for that eye 
For example if you are working on the left eye have your client look up and over to the left while keeping their head straight
3 Now you'll notice the inner corner of the eye is exposed 
4 You can just start lining the inner corner of the eye or gently place your thumb above the area you are applying the eyeliner and continue lining 
5 When you are happy with the inner corner line, you can have your client return to the face to face contact with their eyes turned down toward their knee
6 Bring it all together by applying a sweeping motion with your eyeliner brush going from the furthest you can go in the  inner corner with your brush and without disturbing your beautifully applied eyeliner continue lining right across to the outer corner 
*Tip to drag or dramatically extend the eyeliner on the outer corner have your subject keep their head pointed straight at you and turn their eyes inward or tell them to act like they're trying to look at the side of their nose, this isn't always necessary the outer corner is usually the easiest part! Only use this if there is lines or wrinkles on the outer corner of the eyes

Below you will find an older video of mine, giving the same lesson but in lecture form, I actually enjoy lecture style learning, and I know some prefer this style also! 

How to Put Mascara on Someone Else

I've always found it challenging to put mascara on someone else, when I was first starting out doing makeup on other people. 
I would actually be relieved when someone would want to do it themselves! 

Until I learned the technique in my video below if I was applying the mascara on a client, I would hold the mascara wand right under the lashes and say blink, then I'd reposition the wand and say I can't imagine doing that now! 

I know that I learn best through demonstration, but for those of you who prefer written instruction I have put the directions here.
1 Have your subject (person you are working on) look directly at you
2 Then have your subject turn just their eyes downward looking at their knee. It's important to keep their head straight or this technique doesn't work! 
3 Now take notice to how relaxed the persons eyelid is, gently place your thumb on their eyelid and lift the lashes a bit now you have full control of the eye and the chances of your subject blinking has been greatly reduced. 
4 Start your application put your mascara wand to the root of the lashes and wiggle up. 
5 You can reposition your thumb to get all of the lashes 
6 Always remember to lift the outer corner of the eyelid, it will expose hidden lashes. Remember that tip when you are applying your mascara too! Those forgotten or hidden lashes are usually the longest ones too!

I also thought I should include my older video called
 How to Apply Mascara on Someone Else 
This video is for those that learn best in a lecture style lesson!

Prom Survival Guide

 Prom is such an important milestone! Every detail must be perfect from your toenails to every little hair on your head! So I decided to put together a list of Prom Night Do's and Don'ts a survival guide of sorts.

Don't Bake yourself 
By bake I mean don't go to the tanning salon one too many times, we aren't supposed to be going tanning anyways but if you must, do it in moderation. Anyone who has been to a prom or formal will tell you there is always at least one orange girl.
Don't Burn yourself 
This one is for girls like me, a Last Minute Lucy, don't decide to start tanning 2 days before prom. You could end up getting burnt especially if you are fair like me.
*Do get a Spray Tan or a Bronzer 
My choice is Bronzer you can control the depth of your tan and it usually has sparkles in it! 

Don't Be a Busted Pack of Biscuits 
By busted pack of biscuits I mean don't be hanging out of your dress whether it be too low cut or too short! It looks trashy for prom, there's a time and a place for everything so you will have plenty of chances to flaunt your body!
*Do be a Class Act 
Make sure you choose a well fitting dress! Think of Prom as your Ball and look like the princess you are! 
My best tip for picking a dress not just for a Prom or Formal but for any special occasion you get a dress for is, an A-cut dress it's flattering on any body type. 
Also here are a couple Dress Rules that might help you make the Best Choice
If you have a big bust or you are bigger on top look for a dress with straps or a halter neck line. 
If you have big arms or shoulders choose a dress that has a cap sleeve jacket. 

If you are smaller on top or small busted then go for a strapless dress and get a good strapless push-up bra.

If you want to make your waist to look smaller then definitely think A-cut dress style, and they have these available in Strapless styles too! 
If you want to appear to have longer legs then get a dress that is on the longer side with a split, or a dress that stops right above the knee and don't forget the heels!
 If you want to look a little shorter I'm not sure why anyone would want that but maybe you are taller then your date!  

Don't do anything too Trendy with your Hair or Makeup 
Remember your Prom pictures will probably be hanging up on someone's wall for at least 10yrs, you don't want to look back and say What was I thinking, doing Cheetah Eyeshadow for prom or having to explain why you dyed your hair Blue to match your dress! 
*Do be your Beautiful Self just Polished 
There's no reason to go overboard! 
Go for the fake eyelashes or a whiter brighter smile! Add a little extra flare to everything just don't get nuts! 

Last but not least 

Don't Drink and Drive
Don't get in the car with anyone who has been Drinking 
Don't let your Friends Drive after they've been Drinking

*Do call someone who is Sober to pick you up 
Call a cab, a parent, an older brother or sister just make sure you GET HOME SAFELY!   


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Learn How To Use Makeup Brushes

Maybe you want to learn how to do your makeup like your favorite celebrity, or maybe you had your makeup done for your wedding and you want to be able to redo that look on your honeymoon or other special occasions,perhaps you have makeup brushes and have no idea how to use them! 

I know from experience a makeup brush can feel so awkward when you're used to using your fingers, a sponge or applicators! Just like when you go and get your hair blown out at the salon it comes out so much better, then when you do it at home because they use brushes! 

So If you have ever tried to learn how to incorporate using makeup brushes into your makeup routine for whatever the reason may be and it just doesn't work out because you aren't sure what brush is for what.
Fairweather Faces Mini Brush Set with Facechart is the absolute easiest way to learn how to do your makeup like a professional! 

If you look at the picture above you will notice different color dots all over the Facechart, that is because those dots match rhinestones on the brushes. For example on the eye you will see blue and green dots well on the eyeshadow brush you will see blue and green rhinestones. 
You'll be able to match the dots to the brushes you will need for that part of your face! On the back of the Facechart you will find instructions and other uses for the brushes. 

It's just so easy, I believe this is such a brilliant idea. A stroke of cosmetic genius! 

Here is a look at the back of the Facechart where you will find more valuable imformation. 

The creator of Fairweather Faces, Andrea Fairweather Bailey, is a Celebrity Makeup Artist, you can check out her work or I should say see the types of makeup looks you will be learning how to create on Good Morning America! Andrea's famous client is the gorgeous Lara Spencer! 
The birth of this Makeup Brush/Facechart system was born out of necessity, like all great inventions! Andrea and her Celebrity client,GMA's Lara Spencer were going to be away from each other for a few days and Lara wanted to be able to do her makeup the way Andrea does it for her! So Andrea came up with this wonderful idea, it worked out so well that Andrea decided to bring this product to the masses, so everyone could learn to do their makeup like a pro!