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 My name is Camille Megan, I'm a Freelance Makeup Artist! I have worked for Estee Lauder, MAC, and Clinque in the beginning of my career! I'm a YouTube  Beauty Guru and Beauty Blogger! On this website I will share my knowledge of makeup from being a Beauty Consultant, Freelance Artist, Makeup Lover, and hope to teach you how to apply makeup or inspire your creative side! 
I have a background in doing beauty makeup, corrective makeup, fantasy makeup, bridal makeup, airbrushing, skincare, mens skincare! I also understand cosmetic marketing I have been on both sides of the makeup counter! 

I just want this to be a place where you can come and brush up on makeup techniques or even learn them for the first time, I want you all to feel like you can come to me and ask me questions! I was so excited when I had first realized that the computer was a place where I could do what I loved! I mean I love doing makeup and nothing feels better than someone sees there own face and they feel beautiful, it was like addictive to me! The other part of my career that I absolutely loved was teaching people how to do makeup it was so much fun to see my customers learning how to do looks that we did at the counter, but I always thought that I wouldn't be able to do that anymore after I decided to leave MAC and go out on my own! I never dreamed that the internet could allow me to not only continue doing what I loved so much but I could have thousands of people to work with! 

My Philosophy on Makeup 
I'm never sure what to call it but makeup gives us a Feeling and it always for the better wether you wear a lot or a little! I found that each woman or man that I came across were seeking makeup for a reason maybe it was for there wedding, new job, high school reunion, prom, a funeral, a date, an everyday polished look , fun, a performance, a divorce, a party, a holiday, graduation, vacation & the list goes on! 
Makeup can make us feel Beautiful, Younger, Older, Prettier, Stronger, Confident, Fun, Sexy whatever that feeling is it is so strong that people who don't wear makeup everyday, Remember the Days of there Lives that they wore it, because how it made them feel about themselves! 

Any questions Beauty Related or Business Inquiries please contact me at TalkinMakeup@gmail.com
I am not interested in working with private label makeup brands at this time.