Questions I Get Asked The Most*

                                                           *Where Are You From?

South New Jersey / Philadelphia, USA

*How Did You Get Into Makeup / Cosmetics Field?

I Always Did Everybody's Makeup In My Family, I Applied For The Cosmetics Department @Macy's I Was Hired By EsteeLauder From There My Career Took Off

*How Did You Get Started On YouTube?

I Was Working For MAC And One Night I Was Watching YouTube Videos I Came Across Lauren Luke She Was Just Starting It Was A Rainbow Eye Using MAC's Sharkskin I Loved It! I Said To Steve (MY Husband) I Can Do That And He Said I Know Do You Want To Do It? I Said Yes! I Didn't However Come Back To YouTube For Another Year And A Half, I Was So Busy Working I Didn't Have The Time And Put It On The Back Burner! I also Used To Check Out The Queen Of Blending On MySpace and I Love Her and Lauren! They Inspired Me to Start Uploading Videos!

*Do You Still Work For MAC?

No I Stepped Down From my position @ MAC I Never Saw My Family My Daughter Was Little & I Was Missing It!

*How did you get Your Job at MAC?

I just dropped my resume off at the MAC counter and the MAC store and called  every week to see if they had any positions available! 
For the whole story on How I got started at MAC this video explains everything!

*Did you go to Makeup School or Cosmetology?

No! I learned from working at the makeup counters! I received training from the companies I worked for especially MAC they make sure there employees are well prepared! I learned the most from working on random people!  

*Will You Show Us Your makeup Collection?

No Probably Not My Makeup Collection Is Absolutely Ridiculous I Have So Much Stuff But My Makeup Is Used For Working So Its Not A Beautiful Looking Collection! lolMy Eyeshadows Are Heavily Used My Foundations And Powders Are A Mess My Blushes Are Beat Up Lipsticks Are Chopped I Use My Makeup Like Art Supplies I actually Love receiving products to review! If anybody wants me to review there products Please Message Me at TalkinMakeup@gmail.com I will only bring my YouTube family things I like and trust! I am always excited to try New things.

*What Is Your Speciality?

"Teaching" Beauty Makeup, Fantasy Makeup, AirBrushing, Makeup Lessons

*Do You Think You Will Further Your Career?

I Would Love To Take Special Effects Makeup Classes! I Would Also Love To Create A Makeup Line Or Work With The Creation Of A Makeup Line! I Would Also Like To Have My Own Show Some Day!

*What Do You Get From YouTube?

I Feel So Blessed To Have You All to Share My World With I Love Doing YouTube It Brings My Real Dreams To Life! A Way To Reach The World And Show Them My Style Of Beauty! I Want to Empower Girls To Be Who They Want To Be! Every Message and Comment I Get Is Special To Me I Am So Thankful for Each View I Get & If You Leave Me A Comment The Least I Can Do Is Get Back To You! I will Do my Best To Connect With You All!

*Who inspired you to do YouTube?

I actually watched a video from Pancea81 (Lauren Luke), it was when I still worked at MAC at the time. Steve ( my husband) showed me this video of Lauren, I think it was one of her first videos, doing her eyeshadow. After it was over I said to steve "I do that, I would love to make videos like that!" Then about a year an a half later, I posted a video to Youtube! 

*Will You Subscribe To My YouTube Channel?

If your doing your thing and I am feeling it! I will sub, watch and support your channel! 

*I Have A YouTube Beauty Channel, Will You Do A Collab Video With Me?

I would love to be able to do collabs, I am just not able to! 

*Do You Sub For Sub?

I love to support my YouTube family by subbing to there channels! I don't like sub for sub it just feels dirty! ;-)

*Will You Give Me A Shout-Out In One Of Your Videos?

I would love to be able to do that I have actually attempted to do shout out videos, I wanted to do a video a month with makeup gurus introducing themselves to my viewers but I am not in the position to do that! 

*How Did You Get That Banner At The Top Of Your YouTube Channel?

I was able to put a banner at the top of my YouTube page when I became partner!

*Do You Have  TWITTER Account Or  A FACEBOOK Page?

Yes I have both! My Twitter name is @TalkinMakeup 
My Twitter Link is http://www.Twitter.com/TalkinMakeup click there to come chit chat with me!

My Facebook Page 

*Can I Send You Something?

Of Course you can ;-)
 If you would like to send me something my PO Box is listed below!

Camille Megan or TalkinMakeup
PO Box 494
Sewell NJ 08080 
United States

*What Kind Of Computer Do You Have?

I just got a MacBook Pro! I absolutely LOVE it! I would never go back to using a PC. 

*What Camera Do You Use To Shoot Your Videos?

For the last year I have been using Cannon HD VIXIA HF20.
Before that I used a Cannon PowerShot S2IS.

*What Lighting Do You Use For Your Videos?

Recently upgraded my lighting to the Glamcor Classic Light Kit
Before I used a Homemade lighting set-up with a mix of warm and cool bulbs.
Some of my videos were done in Sunlight too! 

*Where Do You Get The Music For Your Videos?

Imovie on my MacBook / iMac

*What Video Editing Program Do You Use?

Imovie and Final Cut