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On this page you will find some of my YouTube Makeup "Video" Tutorials and Lessons! 

*Pro Tips and Instruction on   "HOW TO APPLY FALSE EYELASHES"  if you have ever shied away from Fake Lashes this video is for you!

*Pro Makeup Artist Tips on How to apply  "EASY FALSE LASHES" this trick will CUT your application time in Half :-)

*How to get Whiter teeth at home using 2 popular household items  "HOMEMADE TEETH WHITENING"

*Surprising Differences between Men's and Women's skin must see for all, think about the guys in your life!  "MENS SKINCARE"

*One of the Skin's Most Infamous Unsolved Mysteries  "WHY DO WE GET ACNE" From as early as 9 or 10 years of age...

*Recreation of a Fun Makeup Exercise form my time at MAC "FLAWLESS BARE NAKED MAKEUP"

*Is High Priced Mascara the Best or Drugstore Mascaras don't work or   "IS ALL MASCARA THE SAME"

*Want to improve your appearance at home? and spend practically zero dollars doing it  "PURE NATURAL BEAUTY"

*It can be confusing to buy eyeshadow brushes because you may not know what you need this video will help  "WHAT EYESHADOW BRUSHES DO I NEED"

*Come see how to use a Stippling Brush "THE AMAZING! STIPPLING BRUSH"

*Even if you don't have dry skin now in the Winter Months you may experience it in this Video I give awesome tips to beat that dry cracked skin    "COLD WEATHER SKINCARE TIPS"

*You will LOVE this All Natural Homemade Exfoliator that you can try right now  "PERFECT! COFFEE AND EGG WHITE FACE SCRUB"

*Ever wonder what those green concealers are used for or If they work come watch this video as I explain each correction concealer and its purpose    "AMAZING CORRECTOR CONCEALER COLOR THEORY"

*Have you ever bought an eyeshadow and never wore it cause it was to bright I will tell you my secret for making those vibrant colors work on an Everyday basis  "ARE YOU AFRAID OF COLOR?"

*I explain and debunk some of the dark circle myths  "WHY DO WE GET DARK CIRCLES?"

*Easy way to fill in your eyebrows without using eyebrow pencil "HOW TO FILL IN YOUR EYEBROWS"

*Easy tip on how to shape or clean up your eyebrow shape   "HOW TO SHAPE YOUR EYEBROWS"